wholesale terms and conditions

Wholesale Terms & Conditions


By completing our Wholesale Registration on the Chatelier website (https://www.chateliercosmetics.com/pages/become-a-stockist) or by ordering from us as a wholesaler via another platform, you the stockist are deemed to have read and agreed to the following terms and conditions. These terms and conditions apply to all wholesale orders.

These Wholesale Terms and Conditions are subject to revision and change by Chatelier without notice. However, the current Wholesale Terms and Conditions shall be applicable to an order at the time Chatelier accepts it.


  • The first introductory minimum order must be over 1000 EUR excl shipping.
  • Subsequent orders must have a minimum of 1000 EUR excl shipping.
  • Please note minimum spend amounts do not include postage.
  • We do not offer a drop-ship service.
  • We want to encourage you to stock our full range, we require a minimum quantity of five pieces per product for every order.


  • After placing an order, Chatelier shall either accept or not accept the order within 10 working days.
  • After receiving an invoice below €10,000, stockist must pay in full for the order on receipt. Chatelier will only schedule in the order after payment has been made in full.
  • After receiving an invoice above €10,000, stockist must pay 50% of the invoice on receipt and 50% of the invoice before shipping. The payment should reflect on Chatelier's bank account before they ship out the order.
  • For any order Chatelier will arrange shipment within 30 working days.
  • When purchasing stock payment must be upfront via Direct Debit bank transfer.
  • Any outstanding payment will incur an administration fee of 20 EUR and all overdue payments will incur a 10% additional fee.


  • Stockists that do pre-sales to customers on their website must have ordered that product from chateliercosmetics.com and paid the invoice in full prior to pre-sale.
  • If a stockist orders a product from Chatelier that they have pre-sold on their website and arrives at Chatelier with a defect from our suppliers. We will be unable to send out that product to the stockist. Pre-sales are at stockists’ risk. We do not take responsibility for pre-sales. The amount paid to Chatelier will be refunded.


  • All shipment involves must now be paid prior to shipment or packages will not be shipped.
  • At Chatelier we use DHL Parcel for neighboring countries of the Netherlands and DHL Express shipping for other countries.
  • Please email us for shipping pricing or alternatively you can organize your own courier.
  • A stockist of Chatelier is responsible for insurance in case of theft and damage.
  • If the stock is damaged in transit this is the responsibility of the shipping company, Chatelier takes no responsibility for shipping once it has left our premises. We encourage you to add additional insurance and tracking to cover such risks. If you, the stockist engage your own courier service to ship the product then it is your responsibility to seek compensation for any damaged goods.


  • We do not provide refunds or exchanges for change of mind, so please choose carefully.
  • If the goods are faulty then we will then apply a credit or refund for agreed products.
  • If there is a manufactures defect, please complete our returns request form with images and details of the defect for your refund or credit.


  • Chatelier can provide high-resolution photos via The Media Kit to promote Chatelier's products for use on approved stockists’ websites and/or any social media. Please note that these images remain the sole property of Chatelier and we have the final say on the usage of images.
  • The Media Kit may include influencer / content creator photos, which will remain the sole property of the influencer / content creator and should be treated in a respectful manner by asking their permission to post beforehand and properly crediting them.
  • All images published on Instagram featuring Chatelier threads must include tags @chatelier and #chatelierbeauty or #chatelierbeauties. Failure to continually not tag the Chatelier brand may result in us canceling your wholesale account. Images taken from our Instagram and Facebook page must also include tags from our brand reps and permission from customers posting them. We take no responsibility for the images you share on social media.
  • At Chatelier we encourage stockists to use not only our images at any time but also their own creative images of Chatelier products in any market campaigns. Our aim is to promote you as much as we can on social media and if we love your images we are happy to promote and tag. Customers love flat-lays, vanities, and bathroom shots, mixing them up with studio shots can create a beautiful social media profile.
  • Photoshoots done with the Chatelier products, should always be in line with the Chatelier branding and the labels on our products should always look gold (not black or silver). Failure to do so may result in canceling your wholesale account.


  • The MSRP for Chatelier products are always the same everywhere. MSRP's are subject to revision and change by Chatelier without notice. Find the live MSRP's on Chatelier's website and wholesale pricelist.
  • Our wholesale products include a product, product box & a tree certificate.
  • Chatelier is a luxury brand, their products will never go in sale.
  • You may however use coupon codes via email marketing only (not advertised on social media or coupons through your brand reps). These coupons may only be given out rarely as a unique offer, and never exceed 10%.


  • We have the right to refuse a stockist or cancel a stockist order if a stockist is misleading in any way or form. We may do this at any time if our brand is being represented in the wrong way.


  • Fraudulent activities are highly monitored on our site and if fraud is detected Chatelier shall resort all remedies available to us, and you shall be responsible for all costs and legal fees arising from these fraudulent activities.


  • Our agreement and these terms and conditions will be construed and governed according to the laws of The Netherlands.


  • We love feedback, it helps us grow and improve our products so we can give stockists and customers exactly what they want. Let us know what’s selling or not selling and what customers are saying about Chatelier products. Feedback good or bad…helps us stay ahead of the market.