Many conventional products on the market overly refine their products, which has a huge impact on the function of the ingredients. They decolorize the formulas and dye them to make the color look more attractive, they deodorize the formulas so the natural scent gets removed, and they use excessive amounts of man made texture enhancers like silicones, to improve the texture. This all results in less real results for your skin.

When you refine natural ingredients so much, their structures change, and they lose their potency. You can compare it with cooking vegetables. Vitamins, minerals and vital components that give you the best results will get lost in the process.

We like to go for the best results by keeping it all natural and pure though! We limit processing and we skip fillers and unnecessary ingredients. We hold as much space for highly concentrated ingredients that actively benefit your skin. Our formulas give you the best results and highest purity only!

Just like the color, taste and texture of apples or any other whole food slightly differs, depending on the season and climate, our natural ingredients can also slightly differ in texture, natural scent or color from time to time. This might be something that you are not used to, because most products aren't this natural and pure.


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