Face the City: Skincare Products for Pollution Defense

Face the City: Skincare Products for Pollution Defense



        Picture this: You and your long-time best friend are on a weekend getaway to the city. The perfect time to unwind, escape reality and have some gal-pal fun like you used to. You walk the city streets, dressed to the nines, shopping bags in hand, ready for lunch at your favourite fine-dining restaurant. Your hair blown out to the perfect loose curl; make-up as fresh as can be. Memories flooding back of the carefree days when these sorts of ‘girls-day-out’ were the norm.


        I can see it so clearly, I almost have to pinch myself to come back to reality. Whether it’s a day out in the city, or a cup of coffee on your suburban balcony, let me tell you why your outfit is never complete without your pollution defensive skincare.


        Our skin is our first barrier of defense shielding our body from the environment and its pollutants. Every layer and cell of our skin plays a part in this defense; however, some environmental factors make our skin vulnerable. We all know that sunlight can induce the signs of ageing, but did you know that air pollution can also influence our skin’s appearance? Not only this, but air pollutants, microbes and environmental damages are also known to produce inflammation, redness, decreased ability to repair wounds, and an increased risk of skin cancer. As our skin ages, it becomes more susceptible to these irritants and decreases the cellular replacement process necessary to heal small skin wounds and blemishes. Increased air pollution as well as prolonged exposure to these pollutants can lead to inflammatory skin conditions, impair the generation of free radicals and add unwanted stress to our skin and its barriers.


        Do you suffer from dryness, redness, blemishes, or any other symptom mentioned above? It could very well be caused by air pollution. So what can we do to protect our faces’ precious skin; the most beautiful part of our bodies largest organ?

Skincare for Pollution Defense

Pure Cell Protection

        A day out in the city leaves the skin exposed to many harmful pollutants, but not to worry, a miracle serum is your knight in shining armor (or your knight in a shiny glass bottle). Chatelier’s Pure Cell Protection night serum is packed with a powerful antioxidant rich blend of plants, flowers, and fruits. These mighty ingredients are just what you need to repair your skin overnight from pollutants and UV radiation. This serum promotes the cell turnover, collagen and elasticity production necessary to stimulate healthy, youthful looking skin. Not only this, the intense moisture surge and barrier created will prevent microbes, toxins and pollutants from entering your skin, strengthening your skin’s natural defense system. Pure Cell Protection is your tiny little army of ingredients in a bottle, repairing and preparing your skin for tomorrow’s adventures.

Creme Vitale

      While Pure Cell protection repairs your skin overnight, Crème Vitale, Chatelier’s revitalizing day cream is an ultra-soft, deeply moisturizing product you just can’t go without. A small pump of luxury in a bottle, rich in antioxidants, is all you need to restore hydration, support cell renewal to repair damages, and is key to protecting your skin from environmental pollutants. Not only will your skin feel firm and hydrated, but a healthy glow will let your natural beauty show. With Crème Vitale you will feel rejuvenated, protected and ready to face the city.

To Sum it All Up

        Though it may be daunting, learning about what environmental pollutants can be harming your skin is the first important step to finding ways to protect it. Lucky for you, there’s no need to search any further, as the answers are here! At Chatelier, we’ve got you covered, both literally and figuratively - with pollution defensive products to not only protect you, but to enhance your natural beauty.

Pure Cell Protection - a miracle serum, is your knight in shining armor (or your knight in a shiny glass bottle)
- Julia Mercer

Written by Julia Mercer







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