How to Prepare your skin for Colder Days

How to Prepare your skin for Colder Days



    Just as quickly as summer became fall, the cool fall breeze is quickly becoming a chilly winter wind. Winter for many reasons might just be my favourite season, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way. Though it may be cold, Christmas is around the corner, and falling snow that coats the trees in a white blanket looks just like a scene from a movie. Just close your eyes and imagine - a cold winter stroll through the snowy streets, admiring the twinkling Christmas lights strung beautifully everywhere you look. Arriving home feeling jolly, your cheeks rosy red from the cold; you curl your fingers around a cup of hot cocoa and snuggle up in a blanket by the fire. It all sounds like a dream, I can’t help but smile just thinking about it.


    However, though cold weather calls for countless cozy moments, it also brings along some harsh conditions for your skin. I’m sure we have all experienced some dryness throughout the winter months, along with those rosy red cheeks that don’t seem to go away when we come in from the cold. The truth of the matter is, cold wind and weather increase dryness and inflammation, and this is something we all experience and must diligently prepare our skin for. Luckily, there are many ways to make sure our skin looks and feels it’s best through these colder days, and I have just the secrets you’re looking for. Let’s get started!

5 Tips for Better Winter Skin

Wear Sunscreen

      Even though we may be less exposed to the sun throughout the winter months, harmful UV rays are still out there, and therefore it is still important to protect our skin with SPF. I would recommend a daily SPF of 30 for optimal cold weather protection.

Water Intake

   This is like another tip that may seem quite obvious, but increasing your water intake is another easy way to increase your blood circulation. We all know that water makes up the majority of our bodies, but did you know it is also a large portion of our blood? Because of this, it is important that we are continuously getting enough water throughout the day, ensuring our blood continues to run through our bodies smoothly, and keeps us looking and feeling glowing.

Shorten Your Showers

      This one may be unexpected, but taking long showers can actually dry out your skin even further when the weather is cold. I know it may be tempting to take a long hot shower after an outdoor adventure in the cold, but limiting this, along with moisturizing after your shower, will keep your skin feeling more hydrated this winter.

Eat a Healthy Diet

      I know this is a tough one around the holidays, and a few days of indulgence are almost mandatory, but eating a healthy diet is an important step to ensuring healthy skin. Consuming sugary or greasy foods can cause your skin to react by breaking out and so it’s no surprising that eating a healthy diet is not only good for our bodies, but for our skin! Stick to healthy foods as much as possible, and when you do have those days of indulgence, it is important to hydrate and keep up with the rest of your cold weather skin routines.  

Rejuvenate Your Skin

      Winter is the perfect time to rejuvenate and revitalize your skin with the nutrients it needs to repair itself quickly. To do this, I recommend adding Chatelier’s Pure Cell Protection to your nightly routine. This serum is a powerful, antioxidant rich blend of plants, flowers and fruits, that will repair damage from harsh winter weather overnight. Pure Cell Protection, a luxury serum with a texture so silky smooth you’ll look forward to applying it every night, is not only deeply moisturizing, but will strengthen your skin’s natural defense system making it the ultimate serum to fight that winter wind.


      Because the cold weather dries out our skin immensely, it is extra important in the upcoming months to moisturize your skin, especially your face. Replenishing the moisture lost due to the harsh weather conditions can be done using a high quality moisturizer. My recommendation would be Chatelier’s Creme Vitale. With 97% natural organic ingredients, Creme Vitales smooth texture melts into the top layers of the skin, just like snowflakes that fall onto your warm, rosy cheeks on a cold winter day. This ultra-soft day cream revitalizes and provides healthy winter skin by building a strong natural barrier that protects against harsh weather conditions, such as cold and wind.

To Sum it All Up

      Winter is a beautiful time of year, and to keep your skin looking it’s best, it is important to give it some extra care. Keeping up with your daily SPF, shortening those hot showers, keeping your diet as holiday healthy as possible and introducing Chatelier’s Pure Cell Protection and Creme Vitale into your cold weather care will be sure to give you a cold weather glow, and most importantly, enhance your natural beauty.

Written by Julia Mercer





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