When less is more, a minimalistic skincare routine

When less is more, a minimalistic skincare routine



        From the simple 3-step skincare routine launched in 1968, to the 11-step Korean routine that clutters your vanity; when it comes to our skincare, finding the right routine is no easy feat. If you, like many other exceptional women, are still struggling to find a suitable skincare, today is your lucky day! I want to introduce you to an extraordinary minimalist approach to skincare, and show you its unique benefits. Who knows, perhaps practicing minimalism in your skincare habits will become part of your lavish lifestyle?

Spoiler: I have already started and it feels amazing!


Considering the many conventional skincare products on the beauty market, finding the perfect solution for your skin becomes even more challenging and people, myself included, tend to buy and collect unnecessary goods.  Every one of us has found ourselves buying products that did not work, or even worsened the situation of our beloved skin. Overdoing and using too many products can be the formula for skin damage and even increase the appearance of blemishes and redness. As a result, some skin products may even disrupt the barrier of your precious skin and interfere with its proper functioning. Sometimes, the issue may not even be the effectiveness of the products themselves, but how you are using them and in combination with other skin products.


So, what should you do if you find yourself in this unfortunate situation? Consistently using a plethora of products, yet not seeing the results you desire? The solution is trying a minimalistic skincare routine!

Skin Minimalism

       Skin minimalism not only aims at minimizing the number of skincare products on your vanity,   but is an exceptional lifestyle that has a wonderful social impact. Devoting to skin minimalism is not only better for the skin, but also our dear environment, meaning you will have flourishing skin while also creating less waste. Ultimately, this minimalistic approach is endorsed by dermatological studies who have found that a 5-step skincare routine can enhance the brightness of your skin, and who doesn’t love radiant healthy skin?

How to Start

       The first step to kick-start a minimalist skincare routine is to implement an “elimination routine,” where you start to eliminate unnecessary products. The goal is to clear your vanities and only keep the high-quality products that are essential and beneficial for your skin. If the situation of your skin does not change, you are probably using the wrong products and need to change them. My advice when choosing your skincare products is to always opt for sustainable, high-quality products that do not contain too many ingredients, and always favour natural options over chemical ones.

A Time-Conscious Five-Step Skincare Routine

      If your goal is to be sustainable and have flawlessly silky skin that has a natural glow without even a touch of makeup, I have the solution for you. I would recommend you the following time-conscious five-step routine:

1. The first essential thing to do is to properly clean your skin with a gentle cleanser.

2. The application of eye cream is then indispensable to treat the eyes’ contour, which is the most delicate area of our face. For this, I recommend Chatelier’s Eye Lift, a stunning Firming & Smoothing Eye Cream. 

3. To prevent and treat redness, spots, or other small imperfections, a serum is an essential step to add to your daily routine. For brighter skin, I advise using Bright Complexion Radiance Serum. Bright Complexion is composed of a 98% natural formula that contains 9 anti-inflammatory, 8 brightenings, 7 purifying, and 2 lightening ingredients to make your skin glow. Impossible to resist!

4. It is crucial to include a high-quality moisturizer in your daily routine to replenish lost moisture and keep a hydrated complexion. Creme Vitale, Chatelier’s Ultimate Revitalizing Day Cream, is a heavenly option to moisturize with an astonishing combination of 27 active ingredients that specifically target hydration.

5. For the finishing touch, you must protect your skin from UV rays, so do not forget to wear sunscreen. I would advise you to use an SPF 30 no matter what the season may be.  

To Sum Up…

      Implementing fewer, and more targeted products that contain the right nourishment for your skin is an important step towards ultimate skin health. Yet, it is important to keep in mind that not everyone’s minimalism will look the same - some people may only need 3 products whereas others, 5 or more. Hence, you must build a personalized healthy skincare regimen by choosing the finest, natural and highest quality products for our much-loved skin.

If you, like me, have realized that when it comes to skincare, less is more, are you ready to practice your minimalistic skincare routine? Follow my 5-step guide and discover a world of healthy, glowing skin!

Written by Rebecca Tronci







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