Chatelier is a brand that epitomizes high-performance, luxury skincare, while at the same time producing natural and organic products that are ethical, sustainable, and cruelty-free.

As a former chemistry student, founder Laura Kaats inspired the name Chatelier by the law of Le Chatelier. It means molecules react in such a way, they always go back in balance and harmony. Chatelier believes a natural lifestyle is the way to find balance and harmony, and natural and organic skincare the way to create healthy and balanced skin.

Chatelier's packaging is inspired by the small village Le Chatelier in France, where you’ll find a beautiful castle, in the middle of the countryside. An elegant appearance, in a natural environment.


Chatelier creates high performance, highly concentrated, natural skincare formulas that create healthy and resilient skin that protects against early aging. During the formulation process there is a minimalistic approach and unnecessary ingredients, as well ingredients considered not 'clean' are avoided. Chatelier's formulas are not overly processed, which results in preserving lots of valuable vitamins and minerals and creating a higher performing product. Most ingredients come from organic farming, which hold even higher concentrations of nutrients than those of traditional farming, resulting in even more skin results.


Chatelier's founder, Laura Kaats, learned about the world of self-care, and started to treat herself with lots of love and care. She quit unhealthy habits and choose a healthy lifestyle. She switched to all natural products and never felt so comfortable in her own skin before. While she was looking for a skincare brand that she could start using, she came across a study from 'Rank a Brand'. The independent European organization that ranks brands on how well they keep your health and the planet in mind, did a study on luxury skincare brands, and revealed that most well-known luxury skincare brands scored bad in terms of environment and health, animal welfare, climate and labor conditions.


Chatelier was born; a luxury skincare brand, that would score well in all the categories of the Rank a Brand study.

  • Chatelier uses organically farmed ingredients as often as possible to stimulate healthy soils and healthy eco-systems. They use only FSC-certified, recycled, and easily recyclable packaging materials, and limit the use of plastic for all the packaging, to score well in the category environment.
  • Chatelier uses 'clean' ingredients from natural origin, which have a highly-effective result on skin health, in order to score well in the category of health.
  • Chatelier doesn't use animal products or test on animals to score well in the category of animal welfare.
  • Chatelier uses carbon neutral shipments as often as possible and plants a tree in the Amazon rainforest for every sold product to score well in the category climate.
  • Chatelier skips ingredients that could potentially be harvested by children or in bad work environments and chooses certified organic ingredients as often as possible, which means farmers got paid a fair wage, to score well in the category of labor conditions.


Today, it is Chatelier's mission to make people feel great in their skin, by not only offering them luxurious and pure self-care products that create beautiful and healthy skin. But also by making people choose a product, that has been produced, with care for the environment, the animals and our people.



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