We want you to understand your skincare and feel comfortable about the ingredients you use on your skin. That is why our product pages explain each and every ingredient that is being used in our formulas and tell you what their function is. We like our bodies to be clean and we believe that the right skincare consists of many different plant-based ingredients.


Many conventional products on the market overly refine their products. They decolorize the formulas and dye them to make the color look more attractive. They deodorize the formulas so the natural scent gets removed, in order to add a signature scent. This all sounds nice, but it results in less real results for your skin.

When you refine natural ingredients so much, their structures change, and they lose their potency. Vital vitamins and minerals get lost in the process.

We like to go for the best results by keeping it natural and pure. We limit processing and keep the natural color and scent of the ingredients. This might result into a slightly different color or scent from time to time. It also results into the highest purity of the ingredients.


Our ingredients come from natural and organically grown plants, flowers, and fruits. They deliver powerful nutrients, antioxidants, and vitamins to soothe, repair, and protect your skin against environmental stressors that can cause skin problems and skin aging.

More than 90% of our formulas exist of organically farmed ingredients. They contain even more nutrients than traditionally farmed ingredients. They've been grown in the most natural environments without disturbing nature's balance. The healthy, unpolluted soils that they've grown in are extremely rich in nutrients. The ingredients soak up these nutrients, making them extra potent.


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